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Stephen S.

  • Posted about 3 years ago.
  • Millstone, Nj
Posted about 3 years ago

I have a brown(outside) window on a second floor in a bedroom. The window measures 31.5in w 71.5inh. The bottom movable portion is 24in high. I belive they are called orial windows?

Please bid on both labor and material including Window.

Questions & Comments

Hi Stephen- will you be providing the new window or would you like the contractors to include the window cost in their bid?

Nick P. said about 3 years ago

Do you have pics of the exterior?

Shawn C. said about 3 years ago

Stephen commented via email- "I'll take one (picture of the exterior) this afternoon."

Nick P. said about 3 years ago

Is this still open? I am available

Shawn C. said almost 3 years ago