I'm a 3rd Generation All-Trades Specialist/Handy Man!
One Call does it ALL and keeps you with a SMILE!
Carpentry (Rough-to-Finish)// Electrical// Masonry// Plumbing (clogged pipes, leaking pipes, Faucet repairs/new installations,Toilet repairs/new installations,Tile repairs/new Installations)// Painting (interior & exterior// Flooring Installations (any type)// Vinyl siding// Doors (Repaired/Installations)// Locks (Repaired/Installations)// Tree Branch Removals// Wood Furniture Refinishinng// Custom Closets (Designed/Installations)// Office/Home Furniture Assembled// Organic Mice Repellants Placements!
Other Services that I Offer:
Short-Notice Moving, Full-Service Landscaping, Snow Removal, Pressure Washing and Cleanouts (Buildings or Yards)!