Jackson Home Inspection, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Ray Jackson the former owner of a local construction business. As a carpenter by trade, licensed builder, and contractor, Ray brings his experience and expertise to Jackson Home Inspection, Inc.
Over the years, Jackson Home Inspection, Inc. has evolved into a successful and respected inspection company with a small dedicated full time staff. All our inspectors have construction backgrounds from house framing to finish work. We feel this vast knowledge is essential and affords our clients the most valuable and informative inspection.

We are confident you will find our inspection service thorough, informative, and beneficial in making your final decision on the purchase of your new home.


“Glenn’s report was very detailed and accurate. We were very pleased with his professionalism and thoroughness. It was well worth the cost. We are prepared with a punch list to make the necessary changes. Nice job Glenn and Sue.”

“Glenn performed our inspection and did a great job. It was our first time buying a home and he made things very clear and easy to understand. He pointed out some things that we should take care of to save us headaches in the future; ie, rust protecting our bulkhead, securing a couple loose shingles, capping the chimney, removing unnecessary insulation from an unheated porch to avoid rodents building nests, removing creepy ivy, etc... which are a lot of things that first time buyers would not know or think to ask.”
Jennifer & David

“I very much appreciated working with Josh. He conducted a very thorough, knowledgeable inspection and provided me with a well-written and well-organized report that will be useful to me in my new home for years to come. Thank you Josh.”